M - O - R - T - A - L - C - O - I - L


A hardware fetish project, produced by Bobby Walkup 

Based in California

Coils are made as a manifestation 

of the cyclical patterns found in the mind and in nature.

-To be worn as a grounding anchor or a conductive link to our

elemental origins and spiraling blueprint.

H O W - I T S - M A D E

Each piece starts with a pile of rings which are assembled, link-by-link, through rhythmic weaving into a nexus of coiled metal. Most pieces are 100% stainless steel, which is hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and will not rust. A few specialty items are made with other metals such as copper or brass. Materials are listed in item descriptions. All items are final sale.

H O W - L O N G - I T - T A K E S

Smaller chains like collars and cuffs are generally woven in under a week. Larger body pieces, harnesses, tops, etc may take one 1 - 3 weeks to complete. Wait times may extend during the holidays.

T A K I N G - M E A S U R E M E N T S

Meaurements can feel overwhelming sometimes - I want to do everything I can to make this a process of gratitude for your body! That is what chainmaille is for :) I am available to schedule an IG call to discuss where exactly to measure, and to share about how chainmaille sits against the body. It's helpful to have a soft measuring tape - But if you don't, a long piece of string, a sharpie, and a ruler will do! Use the sharpie to mark off the string as you measure it. All garments are made to adjust slightly around your specific measurements.
Note the smallest measurement you desire for each area. - Adjustments will scale up in size from that point.
If you measure your waist at 34 inches, the adjustments will be made:
-o-o-o- 34" - 35" - 36" - 37" -o-o-o-

T R A D E - E C O N O M Y

MORTAL COIL aspires to participate in a trade economy of certain goods - If you work with plants, plant medicine, tinctures, perfumes, leather, body work, alternative therapies, astrology or photography please reach out with your buisness information and web presences to enquire about possible trade!

C U S T O M - O R D E R S

Customs are welcome! If you are serious about a custom coil here are some helpful things to consider before reaching out - -What type of chain weaves you like or don't like- -How weighted you want it to feel - -The vibe you're going for ( flagging, symmetry, chaos, etc ) -Your budget - I do have minimums for custom coils but please let me know your high point so I can factor that into the design. Making your chain fetish dreams a reality is very special for me. I want you to feel seen and I want you to really love your coil when it arrives. I will be reaching out with questions along the way to check in about the details as they come together. If you aren't fully ready to commit - I am still happy to answer a few design questions! But do let me know if you are only scoping it out. In USD: Custom earrings start at $40. Bracelets and anklets start at $65. Collars and Chokers start at $100. Body pieces start at $180. Email me for chain types not listed here * Rates go up depending on the complexity of the design. However, rates are the same for all sizes - I never upcharge to make things fit. Once we have decided on the look and the cost I will make a custom listing for you in the Pre-Order Menu. Once the coil is purchased I will get started! Custom designs take 2 - 6 weeks in order to flush out the way it will fit and flow. Please email with your design specifics - Truly looking forward to collaborating with you!



R E F U N D - P O L I C Y

All sales are final once placed. If you made a mistake at checkout please reach out within 24 hours to correct. If an item arrives but isnt the right fit I offer resizing, at the cost of shipping. To get the right fit the first time please feel free to reach out for help! I may also reach out to you during the coiling process for extra measurements for the best possible fit. It is very unlikely, but should an item arrive mail-damaged there is a 10 day grace period to photograph the dammage and set up an exchange for a replacement piece. In this event shipping will be covered by Mortal Coil. Please keep the postal information so I can contact the postal service about the damage. If your item is damaged by wear over time (broken clasps, bent rings) I am available for most repairs at the cost of shipping.