The Communion Chain is part of the TRIPPY RITUAL Series.

Designed to hold a goblet.

Fill with fire for a burning ceremony or with wine to take your communion role play to the next level. 


With an extention this piece can hang from your ceiling to become a starnge & special goblet coaster, candle holder, or truly the vessle for the precious object of your choice. Hang by your bed, alter, dinning table, or any place that assists your Trippy Ritual. 


Made from 14 and 16 guage rings using three different weaves. 

Fire soot is easily washed off this enduring stainess steel chain. 


Length is customizable to how low you want it to hang.

Measure your ceiling and imagine where in your feild of vision you would like the base to float!

Chain extention comes in the 2in1 style and is $10 a foot.

20" long on its own and up to 50" with an extention.

[If using your own extension please choose a fire safe material like wire. Do not hang with cloth or twine]