-From the TRIPPY RITUAL collection-


Light as a feather, stiff as a board - This floating candle chain is another 2020 design for personal ceremony in the home.  Lean in to Winter's long nights by turning off electright bulbs, filling the room with flame glow and welcoming the illusions of the dark. 


Use a fire safe bowl to burn herbs or incense.


Chain base and body are woven in the Byzantine style with 2in1 supports for the arms. 

Holds a regular sized bowl.  Fire soot is easily washed off the enduring stainess steel chains. 


Length is customizable to how low you want it to hang.

Measure your ceiling and imagine where in your feild of vision you would like the candle to float!

Chain extention comes in the 2in1 style and is $10 a foot.

20" long on its own and up to 50" with an extention.

[If using your own extension please choose a fire safe material like wire. Do not hang with cloth or twine]


If you would like to customize this piece to hold a bigger bowl or taller candle please email with dimensions :)